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Discover the new micronAir blue cabin air filter

micronAir blue

Effective protection against particulate matter, allergens, gaseous pollutants and viruses

Disclaimer: Please note that the claims being made in the following communication only apply to European countries. For locations outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) you should first review local regulatory restrictions. For the USA, the product is not available until the pending registration with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has been completed.

micronAir blue provides the best possible driver and passenger protection inside vehicles. Conventional automotive particle or combination filters only prevent the intrusion of soot, dust and foul odors via the ventilation system. In contrast, this nano-silver free premium filter reliably and sustainably prevents particulates, allergens, fungal microspores and viruses as well as harmful gases and unpleasant odors from entering the vehicle cabin.

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The personal air guard

Allergens and particulate are significant risk factors for drivers and passengers. Although these risks to driving safety and health are widely known, many people worldwide take no measures to protect themselves.

Protecting health
clean Air = micronAir®

filters up to


of particulate matter

Particulate matter in road traffic presents an especially significant health risk. Every year, more than 3.3 million people worldwide die as a consequence of high levels of particulate air pollution.

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virtually eliminates


of all ≥2 µm allergens

Worldwide, more and more people are suffering from allergies or asthma. During car journeys, drivers and passengers can be exposed to different allergens and pollutants in a very confined space.

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